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Since there are no new coupons this weekend, we are going to be filling the orders that came in this past weekend and then we won't be filling again until next Monday. So, all orders placed now will be filled after the Christmas holiday is behind us. Thanks. ENJOY your Christmas break! --Rachael

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Christmas Break

Since there are no new coupons this weekend, we are going to be filling the orders that came in this past weekend and then we won't be filling again until next Monday. So, all orders placed now will be filled after the Christmas holiday is behind us. Thanks. ENJOY your Christmas break! --Rachael  

Facebook took away our Facebook fan page

To say that I'm disappointed and feel like I've been robbed of a good friend is an understatement. Last month Facebook removed our Facebook fan page with nearly 270,000 fans on it. I'd had it since just about when Facebook began. I was given no explanation and no one will return anything. I've even sent an express mailer, which was refused. So, I've officially given up and will work outside of Facebook. I'm sorry if you depended on that venue to know when we had updated.  

Graduation parties.. get ready for them!

Graduation parties.. get ready for them! Can you believe that the end of the school year will be rolling around here over the next 2 months for everyone! If you have parties, NOW is the time to plan! Get your paper products coupons ordered and start making brownies and cupcakes and putting them into the freezer! Get your coupons ordered so you can maximize your savings!  

Middle of February already

So, how does it get to be the middle of February already? Looking forward to Valentine's Day? Chocolate is always a hit! Get your coupons ordered today!  

Our Christmas break

Merry Christmas! We are going to be filling orders up until 10 a.m. on Christmas Eve. Then, we're putting it all away and we'll come back to this next Monday with the P&G coupons and ship out on Dec. 31st with those! So, if you order after 10 a.m., your order will ship on Monday, Dec. 31. Be aware of that when you order.  

Merry Christmas 2018

We wish you all a very Merry Christmas! So many of you have been with us for a long, long time and we appreciate you very much! For those of you who are, welcome to the money saving journey! ENJOY it all!  

Happy Thanksgiving 2018

Happy Thanksgiving 2018 We here at trust that you and yours have a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving. We all have much to be thankful for, despite the state of everything around us! I praise the Lord that He is in control, even when it seems otherwise! ENJOY some time off and a little bit of rest, if you get it. --Rachael for all the crew here at  

Hurricane Florence

Last year this time, we, here in Central Florida were being pounded with a hurricane. This year SC and NC will be within the next few hours. Our hearts and prayers go out to those of you affected. For the rest of us, please realize that the mail WILL be affected probably nationwide in some respect, due to re-routed planes, closed roads and so forth. Please be patient during this time of unforseen crisis. --Rachael  

Hurricane Irma

Thanks to those of you who prayed for us throughout the Hurricane Irma fiasco. We are back up and running at 100%! ENJOY the savings you get when you order our coupons!  

Don't forget to sign up for our social media

We are on social media! If you haven't liked our Facebook page, please do. If you are on Twitter or Instagram, please follow us as well! FB: The Coupon Clippers: Twitter: @tccsavingsl Instagram:  

New Year! New savings!

Save Money! Lose Weight! Both of these are noble goals. ! We can't help you lose weight, but we sure can help you save money! Check out our site. We'll help you save thousands of dollars this year. It's fast. It's easy. It's simple. Just order the coupons that you'll use throughout the next few weeks! They come, pre-cut and in an envelope ready to take to the store to save money!  

12-29-16 THREE new sections are now up!

I just put up the 2 Smart Source PLUS the PG for you to order! ENJOY!!  

Social Media

If you are looking for us on Social Media.. we are there! Check us out: Instagram: The.Coupon.Clippers Twitter: TCCsavings and our most active: Facebook: The Coupon Clippers You'll enjoy keeping up through these avenues of social media! Check us out!  

Messages on Facebook

We have now made MESSAGING available on Facebook. So, if you have a non-order specific question, please contact us via MESSAGING on Facebook if you would like. If you have an order related question, please continue to use: to email us. Thanks. Rachael  

We now have Instagram!

If you have Instagram, follow us, please. We are: The.Coupon.Clippers The only difference between us and our regular name is that we have little dots where we normally would have spaces! We'll be putting up coupons that we have a small quantity of there. Thanks. ENJOY!  

New P&G is now up!

Well, we're early! We have this coming weekend's P&G section now available for you to order! Order both the clipped coupons AND the WHOLE inserts. Both are now available.  

P&G section is now up!

We have the new Procter and Gamble section up now! Both the individual coupons (clipped) and the WHOLE INSERTS! Order away! #savemoney #extremecouponing #smartshopping #clippedcoupons #couponclippingservice  

Fabulous savings

We have so many ways to save money at the grocery store that I cannot list them all. However, if you will peruse the site, you'll see lots of ways in which you can save money! ENJOY these fabulous savings!  


We are so glad that we can help you SAVE MONEY in the new year! We have hundreds of new coupons with more coming in each day! ENJOY checking out the site. Get your orders placed so that we can help you to SAVE MONEY on groceries! #savemoney #groceryshopping !  

Happy Thanksgiving!

We are getting set for Thanksgiving Dinner! I trust that you will have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday and subsequent break from coupons for a few hours! We will be closed on Thanksgiving day and Friday. Since we don't ship out on Saturday, we will resume shipping orders out on Monday, Nov. 30. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!  

The new coupons are now up!

We have the new coupons up for the weekend now! It's only Friday afternoon. This way you can get your order in and snag all of the best coupons that you'll need to save yourself money! ENJOY!  


If you joined and are looking at the best ways to save money, please check your email for your basic instructions on ways to save money at the store!  

Facebook page

If aren't a member of our Facebook page, you might want to consider getting the Facebook updates. It's very quick and easy for me to post on there when I've put up more coupons or new coupons. So, if you want to find out fastest when something changes, join the Facebook page called, "The Coupon Clippers."  

Coupon Sections

We did not get the Red Plum back in our Sunday papers here in the Tampa Bay area locally, but we're able to go to other parts of the country and buy papers, where they do have them, so we are not stuck without. However, I must admit that it would be a lot easier if they did have them locally and we didn't have to go elsewhere to get them. Maybe someday they'll get them back locally!  

Great news!

We're supposed to getting the RP back in the Central Florida area papers on the 27th of July! This will help all of us who rely heavily on these local papers to for your coupons!  

Great stuff

We have been able to find a way to get newspapers from other areas, other than the Central Florida area. So, we should be able to continue to provide that wonderful service for you!  

Winn DIxie $5 off $30

Yes, we have those Winn Dixie $5 off $30 coupons today, April 3, 2014. However, they never last long. I'll be sure to post on Facebook when I have more. So, if you want to be up on the news, be sure to log into Facebook regularly to check out what we have!  

We had 405 new coupons this week!

Well, we welcomed the NEW YEAR of couponing in with a HUGE bang. On Jan. 5, 2014, we had over 400 new coupons go up on the site!!  

Order - Order - Order

Well, the holidays are over with now and we're refilling the coupon slots in our inventory! So, we'll have hundreds of new coupons this first weekend in January 2014. So, order away!  


Due to the slowness of the mail during the holiday season, we're changing the postage to an automatic priority mail rate for orders that would normally be $2.02 or higher. The reason? Whenever an order goes in a large envelope and is thick, it's considered a package. All packages seem to be going at snail's pace right now unless it's a priority or express. So, we're forcing the issue. Mostly people are complaining that regular packages are taking too long. Rachael  

How it works

Good morning, afternoon or evening: Welcome to our site. When you come to TheCouponClippers, prepare to be surprised every time you visit, even if you visit multiple times per day. We get coupons in continuously. So, do not despair if you come to the site and we're super low on something. Chances are great that we'll get more in and you can get it later. Just go to "MY ACCOUNT" after you log in and sign up for the "WISH LIST WITH NOTIFICATIONS." That way you can get notified when we get new coupons in! HAPPY COUPONING!! ~Rachael  

No more minimum quantity per coupon

Just in case you had not noticed, you can now order 1 of any coupon that you want. We used to have a requirement that you had to order 5 of any coupon. However, such is not the case now. You can order just 1 of any coupon if you'd like.  


Just a quick note to let you know that we have been putting up lots and lots of NO EXPIRATION DATE COUPONS, otherwise known a NEDS. Come, quickly and look and see what we have. They don't last long.  

WISH LIST with notifications

Have you wanted our site to email you whenever we put up a certain new coupon? Then, by all means.. sign up under MY ACCOUNT. It's called "WISH LIST WITH NOTIFICATIONS." If you will go in there and type in the items that you want an email about, you'll get one every morning when you wake up if they are up on the site at that time! --ENJOY ~Rachael  


Whenever you click on the NEW button now you'll get ONLY the coupons that are either NEW (ours) or SpecialNew (from some special place, but new to the site or new again), NOT the items with the words NEW in them or a description of the product. This should help you to determine which items are truly new!  

2013 is off with a bang!

We're really working hard here at TCC to provide you with thousands upon thousands of great store and manufacturer coupons which will help you to save money at the grocery store. We trust that you realized that we had 5 new sections this past week. If you missed out, most of the coupons are still available. CHECK now!  

2012 is over now... and we'll be glad to welcome in 2013

We trust that you've had a good year, despite the economic issues we've had. Some of us have had to learn to shop all over again, learning only to shop sales and to use coupons. This year we brought in the printables so that you could get coupons instantly, though many times, good printables are hard to come by. We have a lot of great coupons every day, between the printed Sunday Supplement ones and the printables. Between the two you can save a lot of money on every day items. ENJOY.  

PRINTABLES now available

We now have printable coupons to help you get some coupons immediately. However, remember, MOST coupons are not available through the PRINTABLES tab. However, we do want you to have access to those as you are able. GO HERE:  

Another song

Sarah and Michael Ritschard got married on Tuesday, May 8, 2012. Andy Woodard, Sarah's brother, sang this special during the wedding. ENJOY. By the way, Sarah answered many an email if you contacted us over the past few months and Andy works doing just about anything that we need while he's not at college or camp. The Hymn is called, "O God, Beyond All Praising." Go here  

Another new one

I asked our neighborhood 5some to play something "religious" for me at our Annual Neighborhood picnic last Saturday, April 14, 2012. So, you can go here to enjoy it: HERE  

New song for you to enjoy

I have a new song for you to enjoy. HERE Our family (the Woodard) went to Israel over the New Year. While there, my son made up 1/4 of an impromptu singing group that became known as "Ed and the Boys" during our 8 day tour. It blessed our 'gizzard' to hear them sing in the places that were especially known as places where Jesus walked. I thought you might enjoy this song, in particular.  

Andy and Isaac's video

I just put up a video here that I thought you might like to see Isaac, our customer service specialist and our son, Andy, sang on Sunday at church: "How Can It Be?" Check the video here HERE  

This site is great

Just wanted to let you know, I think this site is great and I have told all my friends. I get the coupons I want, I don't have to buy 20 papers, and I don't have to deal with all the extra coupons I don't use. You are great, Thanks so much.

Sandra R., Montgomery, AL  

Great service

"I have been using The Coupon Clippers for a few months now and I love the fast shipping, great service and amazing selection! You are 5 stars in my book!" --Kristy W. Carlton, OR  

My couponing hobby

"I just wanted to say Thank You for sending out the coupons I ordered so fast! You have helped get me started on my new couponing hobby. My family of 6 really appreciates what you do for people! I have only just begun and have already saved $200 from just some of the $6 in coupons I ordered from you! I can't wait to find out what my final total in savings will be once I've used all of the coupons I received from you! I will definitely be ordering more coupons and referring you to all of my friends and family! Being a military family living on my husband's paycheck has been a struggle but thanks to you our lives will be so much better!" Brandi S., Newport News, VA  

Yet again

"I just have to send a message thanking you (again) for your wonderful site. I've placed several orders and they have all been dealt with promptly, accurately and with a level of personal service that one rarely finds. Today I did some research on your competition and they just don't come close to the value and service you provide. Your staff is friendly and your website is straightforward and easy to navigate. I think it is important to acknowledge when businesses go above and beyond for their customers. Thanks to all of you for your good work!" --Dana M., Fort Collins, CO  

Another thanks

I just wanted to say Thank You for sending out the coupons I ordered so fast! You have helped get me started on my new couponing hobby. My family of 6 really appreciates what you do for people! I have only just begun and have already saved $200 from just some of the $6 in coupons I ordered from you! I can't wait to find out what my final total in savings will be once I've used all of the coupons I received from you! I will definitely be ordering more coupons and referring you to all of my friends and family! Being a military family living on my husband's paycheck has been a struggle but thanks to you our lives will be so much better! --Brandi S., Newsport News, VA  

You mailed on Monday

"Wow. Thank you so much you mailed my coupons Monday and I received them today. Thank you so much. I will be ordering more. I'm going to the site now. Oh wow, you have made life a lil easier. Thanks from my entire family. "

Andrea C., Henderson, NC  

Another thank you

I received my order today, thank you for your prompt service and excellent communication! --Sallye S.  

Another thank you!

Hi, I just wanted to say how happy I was to find this site. I have 8 children , 5 with a form of Autism. They like set foods and textures , this can be hard to accommodate in any budget.

I had planned to stock up on the Bar-S hot dogs 1$/2 but for some reason after buying 5 papers I only got 1 of these coupons. I found your site tonight and the kids will be getting their favorite at a price I can afford. This service will help me manage the kids needs and my budget. Thank you!

--Dana S.

Springfield, VT.  

It's so easy and convenient!

Hi, I ordered for the first time with the Coupon Clippers this week, and was a bit anxious to when my coupons would arrive as I live in South Dakota, where mail really is snail mail, and because some of the coupons, the really good deals, expire rather soon. We live an hour from a grocery store or Wal-Mart and make a trip twice a month for goods. So, this coming weekend was one of those trips; I wouldn't have been able to jet out to the store if the coupons arrived on Monday. After I ordered the coupons on Sunday and Monday, I received confirmation on Tuesday that they were being sent--then I received the coupons 2 days later!! All the coupons arrived along with a list that I can use for organizing my clipped coupons--thank you :)--and I am more than ecstatic about the ease and convenience and low cost. As I mentioned, I live in a rural area and do not receive coupon inserts unless I drive 40 miles for the Sunday paper, and then I may get a paper with coupons if they aren't sold out already. So this service is a blessing for me!! I really want to get into saving money as a single mom of a growing boy and I have tried using coupons in the past to no avail.

But after watching that new show about extreme couponers, I have reached a whole new level of interest on how I too can get a stockpile of house goods and foods for cheap. I just want to end by saying that I hope you receive many customers from this new 'extreme' coupon culture because you would be able to help so many people save so much money! Thanks a ton! "A new, regular customer"

--Miranda B.  

Thanks for helping with my shopping..

"I just visited your web site and I could not get over all your wonderful coupons you had. I wish I had found you a long time ago. I am going to tell my family and friends how easy it was to get the coupons I use and needed with a click of a button. Thank you again for helping me with getting my shopping order down to size. " Nancy E.--Bennington, VT  

Another word..

" I just wanted to send you a note thanking you for your invaluable service to me and my family. I've been using many of your coupons and it has helped us alot. Since starting using them and finding your web site, I have been able to save more than $30- $78 weekly but it varies on what my Super Market items are on Sale.. I also let my friends & coworkers know they too can save with their weekly grocery shopping by going to your web site. . Now they understand the time and hard work it takes to Couponing. I find myself in unique position in helping them by sharing or giving away extra coupons that I can't use but they might. I hope your Company never retire because there are too many customers like myself who are happy to know you and your Excellent Service are helping us to save. Thank you for everything !" --Fay, Livingston, NJ  

Another sweet note from a customer!

"Thanks so much. We have just started to really get into using coupons and I am loving The Coupon Clippers."

April, Conway, AR  

Sweet words

"I just wanted to say thank you save me from buying papers and gas I get just what I need again thank you I will be getting more coupons from you very soon . And will make sure to tell my friends where to get their coupons from now on" .. Chris J  

We haven't missed a beat with filling orders!

Even though we lost a great worker and a super friend when one of our order fillers died on March 3, we haven't missed a deadline or a beat with filling your orders. We appreciate all you all did during this time. I'll be putting up some pictures of the memory book we made with blurbs provided by you all (our customers) for her family. Thanks a lot, ladies and gents. We appreciate you very much! You made a big impact on that family with your appreciative spirit.  

Upgraded our server

Great news! We upgraded our server this week! Check it out!  

Andy's recital for 2009

Andy's voice recital was recently. WATCH and LISTEN to him sing a song called "HOLY IS HE" here  


A&P and SUPERFRESH are TRIPLING coupons up to and including $.99 (Has anyone ever seen a $.99 coupon?)..... HURRY. Get your coupons ordered!  

Kmart is doubling July 5-11. Check it out!

Kmart is doing SUPER DOUBLES again July 5-11. I'm not sure of all the restrictions, so check it out at your own local Kmart!  

Bloom is having triples now

BLOOM is having triples NOW!!!!!!!! go here  

Orders lost on Saturday, May 16, 2009

WE ARE BACK UP AND RUNNING!! However, if you ordered from 4:12 a.m. until 10:12 a.m. Saturday, we did NOT get your order. We did get your payment, however, and I'll be returning those payments. You'll need to re-order as soon as I can get the payment back to you. Those would be orders numbered from 450073 to 450200. They were LOST to our "upgrade."<  

Server upgrade on 5-13-09

We're making a much-needed memory upgrade to our server today (Thursday), from 1 to 3 p.m. If you can get your order in prior to that, please do so. Thanks. --RW  


We've added a new AISLE BY AISLE category called SPECIAL OFFERS. If you're interested in looking for unsual offers, feel free to look through these. There are interesting things in here.  

Relatives are gone

Well, the last of the relatives left and with them, all of our energy. I mean, we're zonked. I hope I'm not the only one who runs on adrenalin in times of emergency and problems. Now that everyone is gone, I'm ready to crawl into bed and stay there for the next 2 days. However, we can't do that. SIGH. Anyway, they did get a TON of things gone through and all the paperwork gone through while they were here. --RW  

Funeral was Monday.... all is moving along

Well, yesterday things swung into high gear to get the apartment that my Mother in law had here in our house emptied out of her belongings. The two sons and one daughter are diligently going through things and calling phone numbers and attempting to find out what's going on with company, so we can be sure to cancel all credit cards, collect all monies, etc., and so forth. It's a "mad house" around here. My desk is situated right next to her bedroom door, which has been "operation central" for the past 2 days. --RW  

More on the funeral

We'll be welcoming the first of our house-guests tomorrow (Saturday), actually later on today, when my hubby's brother, Mark Woodard, comes down from Johnstown, PA. Then, on Sunday, our daughter, from BJU and his sister, Von and Ron (BIL) will be joining us all here in time for the funeral on Monday. --RW  

Grandma Woodard passes away

Today Leanne Woodard died. It was early in the morning and though her death was quite sudden, for someone who, a month ago, seemed to be hale and hearty, we are thankful that she has gone home to be with the Lord. Bear with me as I work through emails and answer as much as I can, while dealing with simple things like closing out credit cards, etc. --RW  


Did you need a special blessing today? My son, Andy, 17 sang in a recital recently. I had him put it up on You Tube, so that everyone could listen in, not just those on facebook, as I had originally posted that if you had Facebook you could find him and hear him sing. To listen to Andy’s recital number, “We Walk By Faith,” go here  

Reader's Digest story

Did you see that we're in the Reader's Digest, November issue?

To see the story, go here: CLICK HERE for READER'S DIGEST STORY ONLINE


New timer count-down

Well, we've officially instituted our new official same day countdown. On days that we have a shipping deadline, to help those of you who are not looking at the clock, we have placed an official timer countdown until you have to get your order FINISHED before the deadline, so that we can know that it's coming.

A lot of people think we KNOW that they are working on the site and just are being mean when we don't fill it. However, such is not the case. We don't even LOOK to see if you're ordering. We wouldn't really have any idea if you're serious about ordering or just fiddling with our cart. So, we instituted deadlines, and if you get your orders in before the deadline, then the order goes out. Otherwise, it goes to to the next filling day. Thanks. -_RW  

FOX 13 news story

It was lovely to see our site so well represented by FOX 13 today, in the evening news. NO twists, turns, surprises or SHOCKS. Not even anything taken out of context. What a surprise to see an accurate representation of what we do! Check it out: CLICK HERE: STORY ON FOX 13  

Orders in alphabetical order

Now when you get your order invoice, it should be in alphabetical order. Of course, I'm referring to the one that's inside the envelope! It should make things easier to locate on your invoice, no matter HOW you put it into your cart! --Rachael  

We seem to be missing our Valassis section

So far, we seem to be missing the Valassis section. However, there are only about 30 coupons in it anyway. --RW  

Russ added a TWEAK to the WISH LIST

Today Russ set it up on the wish list so that you can run it whenever you want. Just log in, go to MY ACCOUNT, and look at your wish list. Type everything in there that you're looking for and hit RUN NOW. It'll pop up everything that you want on the screen that matches this list. Remember, be as BRIEF as possible to find as many matches as possible. --Rachael  


Today Russ finished up our WISH LIST APPLICATION. If you want to use it, you must be a member (it's free), sign up, and find this notification list in the MY ACCOUNT spot. Every morning you'll get a notification of what we have on our site that matches EXACTLY the words that you've put into your wish list. It's really neat! TRY IT! --Rachael  


Today when you logged in and started hunting, I hope you were pleased by seeing all the images we've worked so hard to get up on the site available for your "viewing" pleasure. Be sure to let us know if we have one wrong. We'll gladly fix it as soon as possible. Thanks. --Rachael  

Don't FORGET about the NOTE PAD

Don't forget that we have a memo pad spot on our site. Once you log in, you can jot down coupons that you want to remember to order. It's in YOUR ACCOUNT. So, you have to be a member to use the FREE memo pad. Remember, there's no re-curring charge to be here! --Rachael  


We add new coupons daily most of the time. Be on the look out for the SpecialNEWS that are put up. To find that out, click on the word NEW in the top bar.  


If you don't get a response from me within a reasonable period of time, about a message you've sent, please re-send it to me. Thanks. Sometimes things get caught in my off-site filter and though I TRY to check it daily, sometimes it gets caught in there a couple of times and then will show up on its own. --Rachael  

Look for the

If you want to find all the great "odd" coupons which we put up, look for the NEW coupons by clicking on the NEW button on the top of the site. Don't just go with the TRACKER. If you do that, then you'll miss out on a lot of things that we put up that are NON-Sunday Supplement coupons! So, be sure that you do click on the NEW button right between "hot" and "couponing aids" near the top of the screen.  

No new Sunday Supplement coupons on Easter Weekend

There are 5 weekends a year that there are no new Sunday Supplement coupons and Easter Weekend is one of those 5. However, we do have over 500 new coupons to our site. Be sure to check it out. Click on the NEW button to find them!  


Order soon!  


Well, our search feature has been updated. If you want to look for something and the search feature finds it, then it should return the number of products that it has listed, instead of finding all the products that we have on the db, but only returning the ones that we had quantities for. --Rachael  


Be sure to check out our forum, which has been recently updated and changed a bit. Please take a moment to add to it, if you've registered with the forum. It is a separate entity, so if you can take a look at it, it would be wonderful. --Rachael  

6 new TYPES of coupon organizers

I was able to put up SIX new TYPES of coupon organizers with a total of 25 new additions to our coupon organizer family! I hope you can find something that will help you stay organized.  


If you want to know at a glance when your order will ship, you can now tell when you log in and look at the top left hand corner of the site in the little "BOX" of information. It's an awesome addition that will tell you at a glance when we'll ship your order. --Rachael  


We've added a new type of coupon carrier now called STURDY BOX coupon carrier. This is quite similar to what I used to use before I had about 2 million coupons at my disposal. When you've got a lot of coupons, these boxes are wonderful! These particular ones come with handles and are especially nice for those who want to have a lot of coupons with them at all times. Check it out. --Rachael  


We just put up a MEMO PAD on the site for your convenience. This is for you to write down the things that you are looking for. LOG IN and then go to MY ACCOUNT. Look down on the page and look for YOUR MEMO PAD. Write what you want to remember to look for on it and then click SAVE. Then, be sure to check it and change it as you need to. This convenience should help those of you especially who are not home and need to be "neat" at your office and can't have sticky notes all over the place. --Rachael  


We just added a new feature called "ADD TO MY ACCOUNT." You can now add money to your account in $20 increments whenever you place an order. Quite a few of you have asked to "overcharge" your account so that you would have a credit. Then you would have overpaid and would have a credit balance to work off, like a debit card. Well, we are unable to do that, for your own safety. But, now YOU can just add this to your cart. Then, we'll go in and delete the charge of $20, so you'll have the extra $20 in your account. The next time you log in, it'll show a $20 credit and you'll just choose "USE ACCOUNT" as your payment option. It will eliminate the payment step on the next several orders, depending on how much you order. --Rachael  

We have a new feature!

We have a new feature! Now when you choose your EXPRESS SHIPPING option, you can tell us whether you want us to sign off or not. !!!  


Did you see our blurb on the CBS early morning show! We had absolutely NO IDEA that we were going to be on that today! WOW! Isn't the Lord good to us? We got left OUT of the Woman's Day magazine article this year, but included here. Wow! Check it out.  

New message system

If you log in and have a message from me, please read it. I will use this system if I can't seem to get ahold of you any other way or if I know that you're on right now trying to order coupons. If you have a message, it'll appear immediately on top of the front page of coupons. --Rachael  


We just started marking all the products that we could find that are GLUTEN-FREE with a light blue GLUTEN-FREE tag. Please look for it if you are a Celiac. We are here to help you save money on your groceries.  


I need to explain the limits that we have on the site. When we have a LIMIT 5 or LIMIT 10, that means within that ordering period. The ordering periods are spelled out on the FAQ page. We have 4 basic ordering periods, for the 4 days of the week that we ship out orders. You can order the limit of coupons within each ordering period.  


The newest feature on the site is our Grocery Sales feature. Plug in your zip code and then find the list of all the items on sale at your stores. You'll be pleased. This should help you to figure out which coupons you need, as well. --Rachael  


Remember, if you use yahoo mail that you need to be sure to allow yourself to receive our responses to you and your emails to us. You MUST ADD US TO YOUR address book, or else you'll never hear from us. --Rachael  


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We just wanted to take a moment to welcome all of the new "lookers" who read Woman's Day. We are thrilled to be included in Mary Hunt's article on saving money at the grocery store.

Take a moment, look around and enjoy the prospects of saving money.

If you don't see a lot of coupons that you can use, realize that we lost half of our inventory to the 12/31/06 expiration date, which we removed from our data base on Tuesday. So, bear with us as we re-build the inventory now.

However, we are putting on a lot of NED (no expiration date) coupons. Check those out. Be sure to sign up for our newsletter.



We're putting up NEDS as fast and as furiously as possible.. ORDER NOW! You'll be glad you did!  

ATTENTION YAHOO EMAIL USERS.. (listen in also, if you use EARTHLINK...)

Yahoo mail does not deliver most of my emails to people. If you have questions and don't want them hand written onto an order, please do not use yahoo mail. You'll just be frustrated. Open up a hotmail account (or gmail) and use that. THANKS. --Rachael  

If you are with AOL

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If you are with AOL, I just want you to know that I am NOT ignoring you. In fact, I am growing more and more frustrated with AOL by the minute. They are blocking ALL my emails to most of you. So, you think that I am not responding and I am growing frustrated with the fact that we are unable to communicate.

HELP. What can I do?

I've had several of you go to TCC and open up a email addy, so that I can answer your questions. I'm about to tell you that you can order, but please don't ask me a regular question, unless you plan to offer a different email addy to answer to. We're being frustrated on both ends. In other words, I'm answering, you're not getting it, so you're growing angry with me, and I feel like I'm stuttering, wondering why you keep asking the same question over and over and over again.

What am I supposed to do? Any AOL emails don't seem to be able to be answered. You can ask all you want, but I'm not sure how to answer. Maybe I should post an AOL answer board on the forum. Would that work? It'd be easier if you'd just open a FREE TCC email account.

I don't know WHY AOL hates me so much.

Rachael with TCC.



Introducing: The Coupon Tracker

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So, what's the paw print for? Well, we're trying to help you find out WHERE we get the coupons. Some of you say to me, "So, where was that coupon?" If it's in our Sunday papers, then I am putting up the week and the section.

The three different sections that we will catalog are:

Smart Source (SS),

Valassis (V) and

Proctor and Gamble (PG).




It just keeps on getting easier and easier!

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Soon the coupons will simply ORDER THEMSELVES.

This past week, in case you didn't notice, Russ added the "NEW" button near the top of the screen. Several of you had asked for a REALLY easy way to find ALL the new coupons. Well this is it. It cannot get ANY easier than this. Simply hit the NEW option and you'll see all the NEW coupons that came out in OUR Sunday Supplements, plus all the SPECIALnew items which are items that did NOT come out in our Sunday Supplements.

Be on the lookout for new improvements all the time! We're constantly striving to make things better and to make this more workable for you, the customer!

We're here to help you save money and achieve your financial goals!


p.s. NO, I didn't put up this weekend's coupons early. However, it is in the wee hours of Saturday morning and I did put up SOME new coupons...just not tomorrow's coupons.



Guess what now? If you check the site and click on the aisle by aisle, you'll get ALL the different items under each major category in one nice, alphabetized list!!! Lots of you had been asking for this feature! --Rachael  

How to Clear Your CACHE

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USING Internet Explorer (most computers come with this browser. If you don't know what you have, you probably have this, indicated with a blue e somewhere on your tool bar when it's open)

    1. Click the START button, select Programs or ALL PROGRAMS, then click INTERNET EXPLORER.
    2. Click the TOOLS menu, then click INTERNET OPTIONS....
    3. Click the DELETE FILES... button.
    4. Click the DELETE ALL OFFLINE CONTENT box to place a check mark in it, then click the OK button.
    5. Click the OK button.


Is your background blue?

If your background is blue on the main body of the page, then you need to go in and manually clear your cache. It is supposed to be white. If you need directions on how to do this, please email me. I've got the instructions ready to go. Be sure to tell me which browser you use. I have directions for: AOL, IE and Mozilla Foxfire. Thanks. --Rachael  

Welcome to our new and improved site!

Welcome to our new site! We hope you love the changes we've made to the site and that you'll find it even easier to find the coupons that you need and can use! We are here to serve you. If there's anything you can do, feel free to email us here at  


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