Grocery Store Coupons

Grocery Store Coupons Add to Your Savings!

Grocery Store Coupons from your local retailer are a great way to supplement the national-brand manufacturer coupons available from The Coupon Clippers. These local grocery store coupons can often be used in conjunction with manufacturer coupons on the same product to double your savings!

The best source for grocery store coupons is almost always the inserts in your local Sunday newspaper. While sorting through this stack of ads may seem like a daunting task, your work can be greatly reduced if you order the bulk of you manufacturer coupons from The Coupon Clippers. This way, you only have to filter out and clip grocery store coupons from your local retailer.

Browsing a newspaper for grocery store coupons can have many money-saving secondary benefits. An observant shopper will take note of sale prices, loyalty card discounts, and double- or triple-coupon deals that can exponentially increase you buying power. Many competing grocery stores will match lower prices at other stores if you can show proof of lower prices elsewhere, so it pays to scan your local ads even if you already have all of the grocery store coupons you need.


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We are a full-service coupon clipping service, providing manufacturer's coupons and rebate forms for a small handling fee. You can easily save 20-30% of your grocery bill each week, and if you can double your coupons, you can wipe out 40-60% of that bill with carefully planned shopping trips. We here at The Coupon Clippers are known for our speed, our honesty, our customer service and our response time. We work hard to provide the very best coupon clipping service that we can! If you order soon enough, we can have this week's coupons in your mail box before week's end, so you can use them at sales this week, without having to do any of the clipping yourself!